Welcome to the Ugly Goat Milk Company!

Stella, Sophie, and Piper poking their heads through the gate

A big hello from some of the girls at the Ugly Goat Milk Company!

Now available – Camembert!

Try our cow milk camembert. We accredit the rich and buttery taste of this cheese to our fresh Jersey cow milk. It really does make a difference!


Baby Goats

We are waiting patiently for this year’s batch of goat kids, which are due to start arriving February 17th. We will be hosting some weekend open houses where you can meet the babies and help us bottle-feed them, and also taste our delicious cheeses! Please follow us on facebook for announcements of open house dates and times.


Introducing “Ugly Ash™”

A soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese rolled in ash and salt.  This pasteurized goat milk cheese has great texture and outstanding flavor!




The Ugly Goat Milk Company is located just 15 minutes east of Brighton.  Please contact us to get pricing and availability for the farm-fresh products we sell.  Have a great day and we hope to see you soon!




Ugly Ash™ cut open to reveal layers

Ugly Ash™ cut open to reveal layers







































































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