The Ugly Goat Milk Company, LLC. is your fresh raw goat and cow milk connection.  We deliver milk to drop-off points in Denver weekly.  Our milking goats and cows produce absolutely delicious, rich and creamy milk.

The goat herd consists of registered Nubian and Sable goats.  These breeds were chosen for their mild-tasting, rich and creamy milk which can be turned into delicious artisan cheeses that people just can’t stop talking about.

We encourage you to schedule a farm visit to meet “The Ladies”, taste our products, and learn more about our way of life.  Come join the natural movement and taste the difference.

Happy cows come from Ugly Goat! Gallons of fresh, creamy, rich, nutritious milk come from a small herd of seven pampered and well-loved Jersey cows.  Our big brown-eyed beauties are free to roam on 40 acres of native pasture grass, and are fed a diet of high quality alfalfa, a grain mix which includes flax, brewer’s yeast, vitamins and minerals, and lots of fresh water which truly makes the best milk for consumption and cheese-making! Milk shares are currently available, along with fresh butter, ricotta and hand stretched mozzarella to order. I would like to thank Sara Haas, Sure Shot Cattle Company for selling me most of these fine ladies! Feel free to come and sample the milk, and meet Violet, Ida, Petite Four, Nadia, and Lena. You’ll fall in love… we did!